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 (This article is 4th in the series. 1st= Standards Levels of Relevance, 2nd= Types of Standards, 3rd= Emergence of National and International Standards).

Standards may be written descriptions (or conveyed through other media), mathematical formulations, graphical presentations or drawings, all setting forth the important features of objects to be produced, services to be performed, or results to be achieved and verified.

Standards for industry may be Qualitative Parameters for constituent raw materials, which can provide a reasonable output. It could be Capabilities of machines and other equipments, which combined with specific human skills help efficient handling of tasks. Standards also specify Tactics and Strategies of securing assured results. It could be devices, instruments and methodologies to verify the performance. Standards could also include mechanisms to connect, operate, maintain and replace systems.

Standards invariably incorporate Time as a disciplining factor. Time management through scheduling, sequencing, acceleration…

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