Postby Gautam Shah



Virtual world

Domains like telephony, video conferencing, Radio and TV, Internet, Chat rooms, Hangouts, etc. provide us with a Virtual Space. The interpersonal relationships fostered here are selective, often one-way, without instant feedback and with little chance of improvisation. The background space and time references are manipulated. The sounds and images are doctored, often emulating machine-like effects. Other sensorial effects, such touch (or proximity), odours and taste are absent. What one perceives, in a virtual space is an articulated experience. The intimacy and detachment are projected through image and sound quality and in few instances through concurrent enactments of background sounds and visuals. The personality projection through visuals and sounds are craftily matched with tools like morphing, dubbing or voice-over.

Radio Performance


The participants in virtual environment have a sense of belonging, an unhindered opportunity for expression, and controlled means of communication. The sharing is with limited faculties of perception, mostly audio and optionally visual. Both of these can be muzzled and morphed.



The reason for condensing and rationalizing the information exchange in virtual space is twofold. It reduces the bandwidth required for conveyance and also depersonalizes the emotions. The obscured image in its content also fudges the scale of the space and the range of its affectations.

Background projection for creating simultaneous multi-reality

Putin Recording

In a real space, the interpersonal relationships cannot be governed by Real Space means like physical distancing and by limiting the exposure of body postures through selective orientation. In real space response to any expression come as improvisation.


Virtual space is very public space, but formatted by few organizations, who record and read the exchanges, if not for espionage at least to rationalize their system. A visit here, whether casual or intentional, is never secret. It is always noted by someone, somewhere and so the ramifications of it are long lasting and rarely efface-able. Though the individuality is diffused due to the vastness of its scale it provides a sense of privacy.




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