Facilities are unattached entities within a habitable space, and so are demountable and relocatable. The word facility is often used synonymously with an amenity. A space owner always rearranges the facilities, designed and sited by an expert. Such personal manipulations are intentional or experimental either of temporary or permanent nature. Changes in form and location of various amenities, is also occasional and seasonal. A space grows with age and reflects not only the taste but turmoils and compulsions of the user. The size, shape, locations of different facilities are as important as the Interrelationships. The siting of a facility in reference to the spatial quality and architectural ambience reflects the concerns for environmental conditions.


Facilities have ergonomic characteristics to enhance the human capabilities. A facility is conceived to satisfy the largest section of users via the ‘percentile method’, but that leaves the most vulnerable lot of users, at the top and bottom ends, highly dissatisfied. This causes behavioural problems that are very acutely displayed in public expressions.


Largest section of facilities consists of various devices for carrying out tasks. These task devices support the body or its parts, facilitate and extend the reach, and aid the body movements and motions. Support devices provide a base for utilities like chopping and ironing boards. Posture taking devices like seating and resting devices are created with anthropometrics, but their styling affects the human behaviour. Storage systems are work organisers and do not affect the human behaviour.




Utilities are tools and equipments that are handy, though some require a base support for efficient working. Support dependent utilities are often nearly fixed devices. Sourced utilities are tied, require linkages for input-output like power or effluents. These are relocatable within a range. Hand-free utilities require very little manual manipulation for operations. Utilities become multi-purpose because every variation in its support system gives it a new purpose. So it is, said creativity comes through the crafts-person or technician and not from the utilities. Majority of the utilities and facilities are preferential to right-handed people in terms controls and operations.

The word utility is also used for various types of source nodes for services, such as Electricity, Gas, water, Garbage etc. But these are not relocatable. The word utility here implies its utilitarian nature.