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A Die is custom-tool for the item to be created. Dies create forms by processes like moulding, shaping, forming, casting, embossing, and cutting (punching). Dies have single or pair of forms. Dies work-operations are in single task or multiple sequential tasks. A die as tool that displaces, deforms, shapes or cuts a material.

Dies are used for creating industrial parts of metals, drawing and shaping metal and synthetic-polymer products (sections, long products, wires), casting polymers, shaping paper, bakery and ceramic products, and assembling components.

Bakery Dies

The first die made of a sharp flint edge was used for piercing or punching holes in hides and clay products. A flat edge chisel is a cutting tool and may not be called a die.

The simplest dies are punching dies, used for piercing holes or embossing patterns. The die pierces holes or cut dices or other shapes in sheet stamping. Cutting dies cut and form a shape.

Pipe Bending dies

Bending and folding dies are designed to make single or compound bends in a material such as for tubular furniture. Drawing-dies, are used for stretching and forming the material into hollow and cupped-shapes (kitchen utensils). The drawing operation causes severe plastic deformation in the material. A metal glass has its bottom formed and sides are drawn. Wires are produced from heavier gauge section, by successively pulling through finer diameter holes in Wire drawing Dies. Similar dies are used to remove scales and rust from the surface of round sections and pipes.

Wire Drawing plates

Reducing dies reduce a section whereas hydraulic dies bulge a bottom or mid section by forcing oil or water under pressure. Curling dies form a curved or bent edge-flange on a part. A crimping die crimps or flattens an edge of solid or hollow section.

Multiple forming operations, Blanks cutting, Forming, Shaping, Embossing

A thread-cutting die, also called a tapping die is used to cut internal and external threads over nut-bolts and pipes.

Thread cutting Dies

Material is removed from casting and plates by using a broaching die which has multiple cutting teeth or wheels with it, each cutting one behind the other.

Coining dies are used as multiple set of operations where both sides are embossed without allowing material to flow out sideways, and form a rim pattern over a blank dice.

Lac seal -die cast


Die casting is used to cast complex forms such as the carburettor of auto vehicles in one operation forcing liquidized metal into a form. Same technique is used for creating polymer and high-end ceramic parts and components.

Aluminium Die casting