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There are basic TWO classes of openings. Openings that touch the floor on one or both sides to facilitate floor level movement goods, people and animals. Openings placed at higher sill level -away from the nominal floor level, and chiefly used for seeking illumination, view and ventilation.


At other level gates and gateways besides serving the basic functions of door are used for grandiose. Micro size openings such as cracks or crevices of joints are casual openings that serve need for minor ventilation. Openings are nominally designed as multi function systems, but some openings are exclusive systems serving one or few purposes, such as terrace level wind catchers, pip holes, delivery slots or hoppers, etc.

Door Gap Inca Machu Picchu Peru


Openings are gaps and shuttered. For gap-openings the view across is very important aspect. Gap-openings are designed as well as casual entities. Nominally an opening entity has four sides, of these the sides and top are omni present. The fourth one the bottom is however, is often completely floored and its identity is missed. Gap openings with deeper setting frame a view at the silhouette or the ‘other edge’. Shuttered openings have visible leaves, closed or open, have a stand-alone presence. The stand-alone presence is result of differentiated colour, texture, singular pattern, and in many instances repeated geometric divisions. Shuttered openings scale the architecture.

Gorge -Narrow gap Samaria, Crete, Greece

Narrow Gap Alley Washington DC

Openings with fixed glazing serve the function of a picture window, framing a scenery or like a shop front window to display items. Fixed openings also become space dividers as partitions or are cover element like a curtain wall.

Narrow gap -Brasilia National Congress Oscar Niyemeyer

Computer gateways and ports (air, sea, land) are like opening systems that serve as a hub for transit, termination and re-connection. At this point one can have choice how, where, when a connection could be made. To provide such choices, the hubs are endowed with protocols, converters or translators.


Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe Lake Shore drive Apartments -Standardized window architecture

As opening is a very universal architectural system. Openings are often mass produced with standard range of options. The openings follow a very strict exterior architectural regimen without consideration of the interior use related specific needs. For the above two reasons openings of same size, shape and design are used on all orientations, floor levels, neighbourhood conditions and geographic locations. Users however strive to mark the openings’ system with individual personality, cultural ethos, beliefs, affinities etc. These occur as appendages, add-ons or treatments.