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Gateway of India, Mumbai (Bombay) India

A Gateway is an inclusive definition of a gate. A gateway is a gate, but has the sense of passage in it, giving an idea of depth. The depth is created by the deeper section of the gate structure, or by dual or multiple gates with an intermediate passage.

Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad, India, -Multiple gates

The depth due to the elongated structure or the passage enforces the discipline and place for intervening changes. Gates are nominally two-way structures that are have single passage across it, but some gateways are four-way structures with crossing passages. Gateways have one, three or five passages, if more it expresses a colonnade or arcade.

Two way structure gate / Dura-Europus, a Hellenistic structure on the bank of Euphrates river (Syria)

Char Minar Hyderabad India – Four-way gate

Agra Fort Gate Inside view, India

A gateway stands alone or is part of a wall structure of a fort, but in both the cases as a very significant entity due its scale and proportions. Formal gates function as controller entry or exit and so have shutters. Such gates are usually in fortified or bounded areas. These gates need functional shutters. A gateway structure, however, could be so large that no gate of such a size (doorway) is technologically feasible, and even if feasible, it is difficult to operate it frequently. Such gateways have doors of manageable size, or the large doors are inset with small doors just sufficient for one person entry.

Shaniwar Wada Gate with smaller inset gate -Pune (Poona), Maharashtra, India

Gateways structures denote a change in the environment. Such structures are real, or indicative metaphysical entities. Gates have been a symbol of power, protection, and prosperity. A gateway is a point of transition into a world that is civilized, peaceful and ordered, unlike the chaos, fear and uncertainty outside it.

Gates of the Nations, Persepolis Iran

Muscat Road Gate -a symbolic structure

Gates are conceived to be very significant, and naturally receive all the due patronage. The functional importance and patronage of the society for the gate are often so overwhelming that it becomes a superlative entity with more grandiose than the king’s palace or temple of God.

Thirukovilur Temple Tower -Gopuram (South India) -a gate structure as a superlative entity then the building (Temple)

Golden Gate Kiev – a superlative structure



De Waag, Amsterdam, 1904 Giclee Print by Nico Jungman Art com