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A Report is a structured presentation about an event or object, designed to inform specific class of audience. Reports are created in formats suitable for access by own-self, or other people, but in some other time and space. Reports are of many different types, like: Medical, Weather, Radio, TV, Newspaper, School, Site, Departmental, Confidential, Legal, Business etc.

News Reports

Reports, present data, facts, details and explanations, all in a relevant format. Reports present results, prescriptions, directions, listings, proofs, deductions, explanations, confirmations, contradictions, facts, readings, observations, experiences, specifications, formulations, procedures, predictions, etc.

Smoking Warning Report

Reports have many different forms, letters, memos, notes, essays, descriptions, theses, submissions, dissertations paper, minutes, memorandum, etc.

Regular or Routine Reports are well structured to accommodate data of consistent nature, and arriving at a regular pace, from frequently occurring tasks or events. Special Reports are rare, unique, and may follow some basic structural format to facilitate presentation of varied type of data.

Sherlock Holmes reporting

Sherlock Holmes reporting

Personal Report is record or is an author’s memoir. Others may not ever have access to its content. Very personal or private reports could use abbreviated or coded language. Specific Report would provoke only a specific class of users, whereas a General Report may stimulate different people differently.

Indian Ocean Cyclonic season

Indian Ocean Cyclonic season

Information Reports are meant to record entities and events, and may or may not expect sympathy or feedback from the receiver. Information reports become records for the posterity (history). Most reports have an intention. Some reports are designed to provoke or instigate, so directly or subtly prescribe a course of action or a mode of operation. Such Provocative Reports may or may not indicate benefits and hazards of the prescribed actions.

Throes of Creation by Leonid Pasternak

Response Reports are created to answer quarries as in examination, investigations, or departmental actions. Conclusion or Deductive Reports are also created to prove or disprove a hypothesis or to conclude concepts as in case of surveys and as dissertation.

Multiple reports creating a Comprehensive report

Comprehensive Reports are conclusive reports about several case-studies, experiments or research done by the author or others. The comprehensive report presents a set of common observations, conclusions or findings on the set. For this individual work is considered and the findings are presented in an interpolate-able form. The interpolate-able form allows seamless stacking of fields of information. The process is very similar to digital spreadsheet where data is stored in identical books, which are than interpolated.

Report Contents classification

Reports nominally have three basic components. The Front section has title, names of the author and biographical details, dates of creation, expanded or explanatory title, synopsis or précis of the matter, sponsors or assigners, restrictions of access and uses, and tables of contents. The Second section contains the body of a report, Introduction of subject, natural and presumed limitations or restrictions for the report, Scope, Conclusions (at each of the case study and comprehensive one). The Last section contains, appendices, acknowledgements, indices, external links and references.


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