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A design office deals with, and also generates a variety of Documents that contain some or the other forms of Specifications. Such Specification related documents are of following main categories:

1. Drawings: graphical representations and specifications written with them.

2. Literary explanations: Memos, site notes, interim reports.

3. Linkages: cross references to graphical representations, literary explanations and external specifications, standards, etc.

4. Time schedules:

Categories of Specifications that concern a Design organization are

  1. Documents related,
  2. Design office practices and routines that a vender must know,
  3. Formats of communication with the design office and its job consultants,
  4. Site and job specific cares and precautions,
  5. Re-use, recycling and ‘safe’ disposal related requirements.
  6. Bill checking, certification procedures.

These requirements can also be stated as

  • methods for interpretation of documents
  • records keeping of corrections, alterations, revisions, etc.
  • archiving methods for information, data and documents.
  • definitions of laying out a job, location facilities, resources (free, chargeable etc.), hazards, conditions of access and usage.
  • methods and means to achieve the quality standards for inputs and outputs.
  • definitions of risks, hazards, (due to natural causes, ignorance, carelessness, fraud, malicious acts) and ways to predict, manage, eliminate and compensate them. Definition of mandatory obligations and responsibilities.
  • work evaluation modes and methods.
  • responsibilities and extent of liabilities for desired level of functionality, of parts and whole, means to fulfill them.


In-house specifications that are flourishing within a design organization can be categorized like:


How to read (drawing sequencing) & co-ordinate other documents

Graphical signs and symbols, Abbreviations

References -upward, downward, sideways links

Dimensions, Units, Quantities, numbers, fitments and tolerances

Dates and schedules

Assumptions / presumptions of Estimating

How to request, revise and record changes in drawings and documents


Quality and Quantity of raw materials,

Delivery of goods,

Handling (unloading, weights), unpacking, and storage of raw materials

Raw material accounting -ordering, approvals, receipts & issue

Management of residual raw materials, waste goods, rejected goods, packing materials, debris due to breakage of existing structures, garbage, fumes, smokes, pollutants, etc.

Site and Staff Management

Chargeable services and free services on a site

Maintenance of site or work areas during multi vender access.

Welfare, safety and security of people and goods on a site

Ownership of site, goods, plants, partly completed and fully completed items

Making good damages to surrounding environment and buildings

Works Management

Process of manufacture – assembly – installation

During execution check ups/ precautions

Post execution checkups / follow ups

Operational parameters for the executed entity

Guarantees and warranties and transfer to the owners


Modules of measurement

Mode of measurement

Incidence of Taxes



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