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A design project is carefully planned set of activities to achieve a comprehensive objective. Design projects handling aims to achieve the objectives within the defined scope, time, and costs. The fourth parameter of the project handling is the quality of the delivery. This requires advance management of the effort and required resources.

Every design project is a unique endeavour. Design projects are of many different types such as form a concept, create a product or render a service. A design project could be an idea or concept taking shape in mind, being readied for an outward expression, a strategy to actualize an idea, to recollect a happening, reckon the scale of an event, reproduce an experience or a search for a match or fit.

Managing a design project is distinctive activity from other more traditional, routine and administrative efforts. Design projects emerge out of circumstances –aided by all kinds of debate and analysis, by managerial or political policy decisions. It embodies not just strategy and solution to solve a problem in its physicality but is also a unique way of addressing social, business and organizational issues, within increasingly complex environments.

Design project handling is circumspect with time, money, people, other resources, and conditioned by the available technology, and by legal, social and such obligations. Design project take time for physical realization and during the period any change in its scope, time schedules, costs and quality requirements requires tactical reformation.

Design projects are so Scope or Extent dependent that an increase or decrease affects the scaling of the project, changes the cost profile or compromise the quality. A Time dependent design project, when gets delayed impacts the benefits or losses out of it. With early or accelerated execution, extensive benefits could be derived. Cost generally determines the extent of a project in the early stage, but costs are extremely variable and can change the perception of extent. On the other hand when conditions are abnormal and survival of an individual or the society is threatened, such as during war, natural calamities, catastrophes etc. the quality parameters are worst affected. Though best or most challenging projects planning methods have emerged in such acute conditions.

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Projects sometimes have a dual personality, technical, and procedural. Some projects are predominantly either technical or procedural, but not exclusively one or the other. Interior Design is an example of the former, whereas marketing or the training of personnel would be an example of the later. In design project management what is unfamiliar and non routine, invariably necessitates all kinds of learning, adaptation as well as problem solving, and technical projects need more of it.

A design project must always be treated as a first-ever effort. A sub-task or phase of such an endeavour may involve some degree of repetition, but one sets exclusive conditions for all such repeats. This is very different from processes or operations that are looped (to do the same thing) for productivity. A designer trying to repeat details at sub-task level for efficiency can never be creative.

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