Post 462 -by Gautam Shah



32764090862_e45eac0600_zThe relationship between the employer and employee continues to evolve. The primary conditions of employing a person such technological relevance, equipments, nature of projects, economics of resources deployments, personal efficiencies, work culture, all change with passage of time. Over the years, the employer and the employee begin to see each other very differently. The employment -the process of being employed is continuously questioned. It has two facets: an employee wishes to cease working with the employer, or the employer wants to terminate the employee. However, both the employer and employee are handicapped by other factors.


When an employee wishes to cease working with the employer, the reasons are: insufficient motivation, unsatisfactory compensation, lack of promotion, any other personal (psychological or physical) reasons, or better prospects elsewhere. The options are: Change of employer or Renegotiation of terms of employment.



When the employer wants to terminate the employee, the reasons are: inability to reset with the changed circumstances, lethargy of advancing age, technological irrelevance of the skill, lack of experience, unviable pay-structure, lack of scope for promotion, unacceptable social behaviour, or resistance to relocate at a new location. The options are: demote the employee, or discharge the person through pre-contracted terms or legal processes.


1 Employed Persons under the age of 30 have Positive operants in their favour, like: highest mobility -capacity to settle at any geographical location, works under most difficult conditions, and highest learning abilities. These qualities are very appreciated by all employers, and so desire to hire people either as a complete fresher or at less than 30 years of age (i.e. with 5/6 years of experience).



2 Employed people before the age of 35 must gain the varied experiences and find the best long term employment, or plan own professional practice (self employment). Design professionals, by the age of 35 years begin to mature with sufficient work experience, personal contacts, and specialized knowledge, but also begin to have Negative operants like: reduced learning capability, lesser reorientation faculties, less motivation, less migration and reestablishment willingness.


3 For employed persons, the ideal period, or the last opportunity for designers seeking to refresh the employment, is before the age of 45 years, because now all the accumulated abstract gains of the past (experience, expertise, know-how) can now be converted into promotion or other materialistic matters.



4 Beyond the age of 45 years the chances of re-employment taper of drastically. Only way a designer can hope to shift the position is by joining another organization as partner, senior associate or a free-lancer. Such opportunities are very few, and would demand persons with outstanding competence and capacity to contribute.


When an employee quits, the organization loses an asset, accumulated mass of knowledge and experience, personalized contacts, a proven mode of communication, secrets, patents procedures, formulas, etc.


Organizations are nominally unwilling to let a reasonably seasoned employee quit. Organizations set right the causes of dissatisfaction, and match their terms of employment to the enticing offer for shift-out.

When an employer wants to terminate an employee, there are many legal hurdles, though some of this can be met through monetary offers. However, instead of wasting efforts to surmount such hurdles, Employers try to assign a different role, retrain, relocate, assign different tasks, provide punishments, and curtail other advantages, to their employees, and coerce them quit.


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