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Grills and Trellis are used primarily for barricading, for providing a transparent vista and for ornamentation. Grills are placed in apertures, windows, doors and any other cleavages in the barrier systems. Grills are also placed against solid planes like walls for ornamentation. Grills are used as parapets on terraces, in balconies, galleries or at the edge of any elevated level. Grills are placed on level grounds to differentiate areas of landscapes and gardens, on walkways, roadsides, road lanes, etc.


Grills also incorporate railings and grab bars on walkways, stairs, ramps, passages, buses, railway coaches. Grills are placed as markers to differentiate acutely varied areas: between banks and water bodies such as rivers, canals, pools, puddles, between spectators’ and the spectacle, between slow and fast moving objects, against hazardous utilities like machines, ovens etc. Grills are used in nursery and infirm areas, where grabbing elements are required at many different heights.


Grills become gates, windows and doors. Grills also become ladders. Grills in vertical, inclined and horizontal positions are used as plant climber support, tree guards and to support pots and vases. Grills are used to hang clothes and to dry clothes.


Grills are used as spark arresters in fireplaces and against burners. Grills are used to support burning bodies in crematoriums. Grills are used to evenly distribute heat as in grilles and barbecue devices. Grills act as air distributors in A.C. rooms.

3479609858_db627dc1b5_zGrills by their typical configuration help in controlling, filtering, decelerating, directing, channeling things that pass through it.